Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get Real...Confession time...I'm a Gleek!

I remember the exact day it happened.... Easter 2011, we all gathered at my wonderful sister Julies house. After indulging on an amazing meal, and unable to move much further than from the table to the couch, we all plopped in front of the TV. After 10 minutes of channel surfing Kayla (my lovely niece) went to her room and brought out her Complete Season 1: Glee Dvd collection. I smiled on the outside, but on the inside I rolled my eyes.... I have tried to watch this show and I just didn't get it. I found it lame, corny, and slightly annoying. But my sister insisted, "You have to watch it!! You will love it!!" About once a month she would ask me, "Did you start watching Glee yet??!!" And I would always answer with... "umm, not yet, I tried a few times but I could never even get through a full episode." She would sigh and tell me how great it was and how she KNEW I would love it.
Now Easter Sunday, the time had come, they had stuffed me with delicious food and trapped me, sinking into a comfy couch. I was not going anywhere. Kayla put on episode 1...... and guess what before I knew it I was bopping my head along with the music and laughing out loud! OMGoodness... I really like this show!
Episode 2 (omg Mr.Schuester's wife Teri is going to fake her pregnancy? Is Quinn really a bad bad girl?),
Episode 3 (um the Acafellas are dorks, I hope this "boy band" doesn't last long. Emma is so cute, I just love her!) and then a break for Easter Egg Hunt....
Egg Hunt
Back to the Glee marathon!
Episode 4 (wow Quinn is preggers! But is the baby Finns or Pucks?)
How could I just go home and not find out what happens to the Glee Club? Thank goodness Kayla insisted I take home her Season 1 DVD collection!

Throughout the Easter Break we were stuck inside due to rain every day, perfect Dvd watching weather. My kiddos and I all cuddled up in my bed and watched episode after episode.
Season 1
Over the following weeks we finished Season 1, purchased all the season 1 music on iTunes-
Glee: The Music
Of course had to get the Glee app for my iPod
Glee: The App
And guess what arrived in the mail yesterday....
Glee: Season 2
Yep- I admit it... It is time for me to Get Real about my Glee addiction. I'm a Gleek.

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Kelleigh @ Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

Don't tell my husband, but I'm a Gleek, too. He HATES the show with a passion, so I watched Season 1 on Netflix during the day, and Season 2 was loaned to me by a friend. SUCH a fun show!! It must be nice to enjoy it out in the open like that! :)

Sarah said...

I'm a Gleek too! Proud of it (and realized how much when I found my MP3 player and most of the songs were Glee :O)

Julie said...

I told you Ginger!!


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