Monday, June 2, 2008

Help downloading in different languages

Just a quick post- Some people are having a hard time downloading pages in different languages. Here are some tips...
The best thing to do is get the translator button for your tool bar. I have Google and the translator button works GREAT!!
Here is a screen shot of the page g-riffic was having trouble with, once it is translated.

You need to type in the # code and click download.

The next screen shot is the next page that opens. It will count down seconds then the download will start. If the download doesn't automatically start click on the area you see I selected in red.
I also drew a red arrow pointing at the button on my Google toolbar so you can get an idea of what I am talking about.

Hope this helps!! Ginger

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger,

thank you for your helpful articles. Being new at scraping, it's a great help.

I have a question I couldn't answer yet. Do you know any site which esplains all the "scrap language"? I already found out, what CT and LO means, but there are so many other abbreviations... Or maybe you would fill this information lack with a great article, too?

Thanks for your help


*Some freebies only last for 1 day... and depending on your time zone by the time you get here you might only have a short time to download. If you like something get it ASAP! You just never know some freebies last a long time and some expire very quickly. If you get to a page and the freebie is not there most likely it has expired.*