Sunday, September 28, 2008

Speed Scrap tonight!!!!

Speed Scrap hosted by, the wonderful, Jodi.
Times as follows.

10pm Eastern

9pm Central

8pm Mountain

7pm Pacific
Here is the Participation Prize that you will be receiving if you join this speed scrap.

A new small Freebie!

Hi all, Hopefully I don't have anymore server trouble today!!  Missi and Brandi and still neck and neck in the, who post's the most, contest.  But you never know someone might come up from behind and shock us all.  The contest will end at Midnight Tonight (Sunday) PST. Good luck girls!!

I have already made so many friends!!  It has been even better than my wildest expectations!!  I sit here with tears in my eyes, so thankful for you all!! And to God for giving me this gift!! I haven't really talked much about my health problems, but for the last 5 years  have been very sick!!  I completely lost "myself" to a blood clotting disorder called APS.  It causes me to have small strokes often, leaving me somewhat disabled and just totally reeking havoc on my life. For years I thought I should just give up, and wilt away. 

When I started Digi Scrapping I loved it instantly!! I slowly stared to look for forums and fun spots to do challenges.  And of course freebie hunting!!  My sister Julie kept telling me I should start a blog, but I didn't think I had much to blog about.  Then one day while composing an e-mail for her with a list of all the freebies I found that day, it hit me.... I should start a freebie blog!!  The rest is history :) 

My first kit , Beach Glass, was such a success that is when I decided to open my own place.  I hope you all keep coming and having fun with me!!! Thank you to all of you!! It has been so fun to blog hop and see so many of you talking about little ol' me :)  I thank you so much for your support and encouragement!!

I think the most fun I have had this weekend was playing Truth or Dare!!!!  It was so funny- I was literally laughing out loud!!!  I was thinking maybe I would plan a time like once a month to play a big game of Truth or Dare... what do you all think??  But please feel free to stop by and play all the games any time :) I hope you will join us for some challenges, my CT girls have lots of goodies for you... and I have chances to win $5.00 to my shop on most all of them his month.

Ok - enough yakking :)  I made this little freebie for you all. It is in the store in the freebie section. It will stay free so no rush.

sexy buttons- By GingerScraps

Two more quick things-

1. I am extending the It's Ladies Night through  Monday, because of the server problems yesterday.

2. If you are having problems when you place an order- through the checkout process, please let me know.  I have had 1 lady having trouble... I don' know if there are more people having problems.  Anyway's please let me know :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

working again

ok- it is up again... hope it can handle us :)


Here is the message from them this time- So annoying!!!!

"Hello Ginger

Server 19 is having problems today. Techs. are looking at the server and will have to replace a hard drive. So server 19 will be up and down this afternoon.

We're sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks so much and we are truly sorry about this. Please let us know if there is anything we can do:O)"

So I guess keep checking.... I think I might change servers- I will have to look into it.....
Thanks for being patient :)


UUGGG- down again.... sorry ladies- I sent my sever a message AGAIN!
Hope it is back up soon!!

Everything is back up and running

Everything is back up and running- Hope to see you there!!

Site problem info

Hi all - something is wrong with my site at the moment.... It will be fixed as soon as possible- It looks like an issue with my server.
If it persists I will extend all the grand opening goodies -
So don't worry- you won't miss anything :)
They way Missi and Brandi have been posting ... no wonder the server went down LOL!!!!!
They are just cracking me up....It has been so fun!!
And that Truth or Dare- oh my goodness- soooooo funny!!!!!!!! You should go read through how we have all been torturing each other!!!!!
I have been having so much fun!!!!! I am not going to let this server issue ruin my day :)
And don't worry- you won't miss a thing :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Open!!!!!!!

Let's get this party started!!!

Here is a preview of my newest kit!! It is only FREE through the weekend so you better hurry!!! :)


Hi all... I am so busy getting everything ready for the celebration to get started tonight!! I will give the link to my new site tonight at 12:01 :)
The win everything - who posts the most- will start upon opening, and go to Sunday night at 12:00.
I have some fun stuff to do to keep you busy posting :)
So check back here for the link tonight at midnight :)
WoooHooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008



There are 7 challenges- A lot of them have a participation prize  and a $5.00 off coupon for winners.

Be my Muse....... hmmm what could that be??

I am going to give a $5.00 gift card to some lucky ladies- If you happen to be the..... # who registered at the forum I will PM you with a coupon code for $5.00 off any purchase at the store. Los of chances to win!

And of course there is the little Win It ALL game!! We wanna get to know you. Its a competition.... From opening Friday the 26th at 12:01 AM PST to Sunday night at 12:00 midnight PST- whoever has the most posts in the forum (excluding me and my CT) Will get the entire store!!! Yes- that is right everything for FREE!!!

Oh and FREEBIES!!  You know me I am a sucker for a freebie - And I am giving a good one!! All weekend you can stop by and get my newest - unreleased full kit for free!!! It is sooooo cute!!!  See that little cocktail glass in the invite up there.... that will give you an idea of what the kit looks like:)

I can't believe it is on only a few days!!!! I would say someone pinch me but I bruise easily so no pinching please LOL :)  I will post some more kits with LO's soon! Ginger

Monday, September 22, 2008

FancyFall and Man oh Man

Sorry I didn't post today- I spaced out Lol.  So today I wanted to show you FancyFall and Man oh Man.

Here is a Pic of FancyFall again-

FancyFall--400by400 FancyFall--400by400 (1)

Here a few Layouts my Creative team did-

By Jodi

Julie did this 2 pager

By Jillian Rose

By Laura

And here is a closer look at Man oh Man-

Man-Oh-Man-all500by500 (1) Man-Oh-Man- paper500by500 Here are a few layouts with Man oh Man- I did this one

Julie did another 2 pager!

I did this 2 pager

Laura did 3 pages!!

Jodi did this

Becka did this

By the way... don't worry I am not going to stop my freebie lists!! I am just super busy this week - I am planing lots of fun stuff for the opening on Friday!! And I am giving away lots of prizes!! I will try to post a list of the games and prizes tomorrow... as well as another kit to take a closer look at. Have a great day!!! Ginger

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Downloads ?

Hi all, thanks for all your wonderful comments!! I am excited to actually get to know you all more over at the forum when my site opens on Friday :)
So I have a question for you all. I will put up a poll to so please answer that-
I am getting my store all ready and breaking up my kits into downloads ect.

Do you prefer many small downloads? (like 6-8) OR
Do you prefer fewer large downloads? (like 3)

I know for me I would like one huge download LOL! I don't like having to download a bunch of small downloads. But I would really love to know what you all think!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday Feature!! Come check it out!!

The day has finally arrived!! This weeks Friday Feature is.... ME! Hehehe, Hahaha... I am not conceded I swear LOL! I have been working on this for what seems like forever! You all know that I have some new kits ready for you - And you all know I am going to sell them ... somewhere..... Well, my BIG news is that I decided to open up my own shop!!!!  :) Once I got going on it I decided I wanted to have challenges, and a gallery, so I have a whole site up and can't wait to show it too you all!!!

The GingerScraps Grand Opening celebration will start next Friday, September 26!!!!!!!

There will be fun, games, and LOTS of FREEBIES (of course)!!

I have a great Creative Team that will all be there hosting challenges and hangin' out. And I will be glued to my computer for sure- so you will see me as well.  I hope you all mark it on you calendars and come by to check it out!!!!

I have 5 kits done and ready to show off :) Here is a Sneak Peek at each of them...

FancyFall- This is the kit Laura made my blog LO with-FancyFall--All--by--GingerS FancyFall--by--GingerScraps

Kiwi and Strawberries-K&S ALL- k&S-paper-preview-with-shad

A Mermaid Tail-Ocean coast with waves, sand, and cloudy skies Mermaid-Paper-3Memmaid-paper-1 Ocean coast with waves, sand, and cloudy skies

Man oh Man-Man-Oh-Man---by-GingerScrap Man-Oh-Man2---by-GingerScra

Cool Off-Cool Off Elements 1 with label and words Cool Off Elements 2 with label and words_edited-1Cool Off PP with shadows and label and words no flower 

What do you think?? I hope you all love them!! I might just have a few other things up my sleeve too......

Starting Monday I am going to feature a kit a day- I will show you some LO's my creative team created and give you more info about each one. 

Can't wait to hear form you all!!!  Ginger

New blog look

Hi all - How do you like my new blog look?? I LOVE it!!! My CT girl Laura did it for me - she used one of my new kit FancyFall- Available soon:)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freebies!! BIG list :)

Hi all, I have been so busy lately!! I Am excited to do some freebie hunting today :)  Thanks for all your feedback regarding the way I do my freebie lists!! You are all so sweet!

You know that BIG surprise I have been talking about-  like forever...... well I am gonna finally tell you this week!! I hope you are excited  :)

Here are my freebie finds-

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

image image image imageimage image image image  image imageimage image image imageimage imageimage image image image image image image imageimage image image image image image image image


*Some freebies only last for 1 day... and depending on your time zone by the time you get here you might only have a short time to download. If you like something get it ASAP! You just never know some freebies last a long time and some expire very quickly. If you get to a page and the freebie is not there most likely it has expired.*