Monday, September 8, 2008

Hangin' Tough- takin' it- Step by Step :)

Hi all, well now both kidos are sick... home from school and feeling like crap :(  I fell pretty much the same.  I think I am gonna go look for some freebies, but I don't know how far I will get. I wrote this a few days ago and thought I would post it today. It is long- but if you are in the mood for a giggle worth reading :)

If you were around in the 80's you probable looked twice at the title of this post.... And you have probably heard the the late 80's boy band sensation, New Kids On The Block, just released their first CD in about 15 years.  I first heard about this reunion a few months ago- and I will admit somewhere inside of me there was a 12 year old girl doing backflips LOL.  I was a HUGE NKOTB fan all through junior high- and a closet fan in high school, when it was no longer "cool" to love the New Kids.  I had my whole room filled with everything New Kids- posters, sheets, the big buttons, shirts, a jacket, water bottles, books, ect..... 

NKOTB room

(this is a pic of my room- I think you get the idea- I was so in love!!)

I was totally obsessed!!! When I was 11 (I think) I went to my first NKOTB concert, my second at 12, my third at 13.  But the "best day of my life", as it was known for the following 5 or so years, was Dec. 1989.

NKOTB2 NKOTB2zoomed in

( this is a scanned in photo of my bible- Not exactly what it was intended for LOL!!!!)

My friend Nicci and I were going to a NKOTB concert that night so I was spending the day with her and her mom.  It was right before Christmas and Nicci's mom needed to go get some shopping done, so Nicci and I decided to go with her.  For some reason the mall was almost totally empty, Nicci's Mom said we could shop around and meet up with her in 1 hour.  We were wandering around talking about which New Kid had the cutest eyes, best smile, ect... when all of a sudden Nicci turned as white as a ghost!  She started getting tears in her eyes and stuttering... "The New Kid..." and pointing behind me.  "Ha Ha really funny Nicci.", I said- but she was NOT kidding :)  I turned around to see all the NKOTB (along with a few huge bodyguards).  Crazy, I know- but it is true.  We spent the next 30 minutes following them from about 15 feet away and randomly shouting out "I love you Donnie, Joey, Danny, Jordan, John."  Poor guys :)  The boys decided to separate and we followed Donnie.  He had two BIG bodyguards with him.  We walked behind him, but had finally stopped shouting.  He got on the escalator to head up to the second floor, we got on the escalator- At the top of the escalator he stopped and waited.  As we moved closer and closer we began to lose it!  He stood there and waited for us to get to the top.  He said' Hi, I'm Donnie." (Like we didn't know lol) And shook our hands!! He asked us our names and if we were going to the concert that night. We stuttered out "Ginger, Nicci, and YES!"  He said "I'll sing you a song." Then kissed his fingers and gave us the "peace" sign with them. Well, we both totally lost it!!!! But we did stop following him- which I am sure was what he was hoping for :) Nicci's mom found us a minute later, in a panic, we had not shown up to the meeting spot.  But quickly forgave us once we told her the reason. 

We pulled ourselves together and finished up shopping with Nicci's mom, then went home to get ready for the concert.  By the way Donnie didn't sing us a song :) But we didn't care, we floated around on cloud 9 for a long time after that!!! I still get a little excited when I go to the mall and ride that escalator. 

So the reunion CD came out last Tuesday- and my wonderful hubby stopped after work and got it for me.  Now that is a good man :) heheheh I was afraid it was going to suck.... But it is actually really good! I am sure I will have the words memorized in no time.  And if you, like me, have a 12 year old hiding out secretly doing backflips inside you.  Don't hide it... Just wave you hands in the air and swing "em like you just don't care! :)

NKOTB girls


Heidi said...

The picture of your room looks JUST LIKE MINE did!!! I LOVED New Kids...and yeah, I got the new CD on iTunes and I may have the songs memorized. hehe It's kind of weird hearing them sing about "adult" things though. LOL It's no "Candy Girl" that's for sure. LOL

Little Yancey Family said...

LOL! That's such a great story! I must be a tad younger than you cause I was in grade school during the big NKOTB thing and couldn't care less, but can very much relate and be amazed at such an opportunity!

clg0513 said...

Oh my goodness - where did you get the picture of my room. I had all that stuff all over mine as well. I was such a nut for NKOTB!

Funny thing is my parents are realtors in the Tampa area. One day my dad/brother got a call from a guy who wanted to set up a meeting about investing in some property. So my dad set it up and told my brother they'd be meeting with Jordan Knight. My dad didn't catch on but my brother did. So they went to the meeting and both Knight brothers were there. My little brother couldn't resist telling them how in love I was with them. Too bad they didn't think to have him call and sing to me..ha ha. But back in the day Donny was my man!

Joyce said...

I was a HUGE NKOTB fan as well!
I became a fan in the early 90's, because in 1989, I was only 6 years old, so I was a bit young ;-) My room looked exactly like yours, but shortly after I "decorated" my room with their pictures, they split-up :-(
I haven't bought the new cd yet, but I'm definitely getting it this week :-)
I've never been to a concert, because I was too young and I'm not sure if they've ever been to The netherlands, but if they ever do decide to come over here, I will definitely go!
Fortunately for me straight after NKOTB split up, there were the Backstreet Boys, so the boyband mania continued ;-)
And until this day I support them, but ofcourse my "teenage" days are over LOL, I also don't think that my husband would appreciate it ;-)

Renee said...

how cute! i never went to a concert, but i wanted too!

Amy said...

LOL! Your post brought tears to my eyes. I wasn't ever really that into them, but had friends that were. I sent them a link to you site. What a good laugh for the day. Now if I could just get my kids moving...

Julie said...

LOL! You guys were so silly! Oh to be young again!

Amie said...

Ohhhhhh yeah. I remmeber the days. Went to their concert in SLC and my sister's hand got a high five from Jon as he ran out onto the stage (I was so jealous!)

I was too much of closet fan back then to decorate my room, but I wanted to! And I should have too!

But I've got tickets for their concert in a month, and me and my sisters are going to be the nerds with our hair crimped and our long shirts tied in side knots screaming at the top of our lungs!

Bickers Family said...

OMG!!!!! I LOVED them too! That is sooo funny LOL! I'm not really feeling their new stuff though? Don't know why? Probably because I'm not that into that type of music anymore but they were WAY cool back then!

Stormie said...

Oh wow how exciting for you to meet them! I also was a HUGE fan when I was younger & was excited to hear they were getting back together. I do not have the cd yet but I just might get it now. lol

Brandi's Creations said...

Wow, this brought back memories! I was totally in love with them, even collected all the trading cards!

Andrea said...

Great story. I also was a NKOTB-Fan. It's so long ago ... I'm getting old *cry*. But it was a great time. And the concert was great.

Robyn said...

That is great! I love NKOTB and still don't have their new CD. But that story made me feel like it was ME and I could feel how you felt that day! LOL Yahooo

Amy said...

LOL, too funny. I have so many NKOTB stories I wouldn't know where to start. Joey was my man...LOL. I am seeing them in concert on Nov. 1st and dragging my mortified 16 year old daughter with me! Man, I am getting old...but still a teenybopper at heart.

Tanja said...

i will try to leave a comment.
sorry, my english is terrible :-)
i´m from germany, and in the 80th i was a big NKOTB Fan!
in germany many girl rooms looks like yours at the time (my too)

I love the "summertime" song, and i love the new kids yet :-)

so, i´m ready and i hope you understand what i mean

regrads from germany


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