Sunday, November 30, 2008

Free Kit- O Holy Night

I am a part of the Digital Arts Cafe Blog Party! Over 50 designers signed up! Since that is too many to list on our blogs there is a place you can go to get a list of all the participating blogs!

But before I send you off to the other blogs I want to tell you a bit about my part in all of this. Since 50 designers can’t all get together and make a matching kit we were told we could do whatever we wanted for a kit. I chose a Nativity! Jesus is the whole reason for Christmas so why not right! Well Jodi and Julie decided to hop on board with me and we have our own little collab going! Jodi has the other half to my kit so you will have to hop on over to her blog to finish this kit up and then Julie has put together some cute things for you all on her blog, using our kit!

OK.. I confess.. I totally copy and pasted that form Jodis blog... and changed the names of course :). She said it all so well, I figured I could not say it better myself so why not just snag what she wrote :)

So we did a really fun collab called O Holy Night. I LOVE the way they turned out!! Can't wait to scrap with it!! make sure you show me any LO's you do with O Holy Night, I love to see them!!

The preview is linked to the download... and there are links for the other parts right below this preview. Make sure you get all 4 downloads!

Click on the preview pic OR HERE for Paper 1

Paper 2



And now check out Jodi's part... It that the cutest thing or what?! With both our parts together you will have the whole nativity scene!!! It was so much fun to do this collab... I am sure it won't be our last:) Preview is linked to Jodi's blog.

And then swing by Julies blog for the rest. And another one of my CT girls Jillian - priddysweetscraps is part of this blog party and she put together some QP’s using some of the blog party’s elements. So swing on by her blog too! And then don’t forget to stop by all the other lovely designers blogs and get their kits! You can find all the links to the Blog Train here There are some beautiful kits in this blog party! You don’t want to miss out on a single one!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Few Freebies

I haven't been freebie hunting in a while...  and this is not much of a hunt.  But I wanted to make sure you all saw these BEAUTIFUL new kits by WaterLoProject!! All are free and like always wonderful!! Have fun downloading :) Ginger
Evening Forest
In The Sleeping Orchard
Under The XMas TreeIn XMas Gold Mine

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Speed Scrap Tomarrow at GingerScraps

Don't forget our marvelous Wednesday Night Speed Scrap at Ginger Scraps!

Wednesday Nov. 26

7 p.m. Pacific
8 p.m. Mountain
9 p.m. Central
10p.m. Eastern

Of course there's a fabulous Participation Prize! By my CT girl Jodi!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Kit- Eat Your Veggies!!

Just out today GingerScraps newest kit Eat Your Veggies!!
AND if you hurry you can get it for 30% off. Which is a steal at only $2.10!!!
The entire store is on sale for 2 more days.
This is a super cute kit for photos of your little ones... All those
great pics of your little ones eating their first baby food, or
chomping on some corn on the cob. Pics of working in the garden, or
showing off your harvest. Or if you just love veggies!! :) It is bright and fun, and a little

It includes- I made this LO with photos of real veggies
that I extracted.
  • 1 Alpha- Upper and Lower, NO Punctuation or #'s
  • 11- Textured 12 by 12 300 dpi papers
  • 2- Journaling Boxes
  • Mr. Onion Man and Lots of Veggies
  • Pea Border
  • Red Pepper hanging trim
  • 3- Ribbon and Bow Trims
  • 2- Stitched Borders
  • 1- Stitched and Paper Shape Border
  • 2- Tags
  • 4- Word Art- Stitched, Glitter, and Felt
  • 2- Button
  • 2- Staples
Check out these GREAT LO's by my CT





Friday, November 21, 2008

Sale at GingerScraps!!!

Hi friends :)
I have had a fun month participating in the designers contest over at Sunshine Studios!! I don't know yet if I will be invited to sell at Sunshine Studios but hopefully I will find out soon!!
I want to thank you all for you support and all your lovely comments during this contest!!
SO I am going to have a store wide sale!!!
From November 22 to November 25th my whole entire store will be 30% off!!!
I have a few new products...
I made this add-on for the Wild Cherry Tea in purple. It is only $1.00.... and 30% for the sale too!

And I put up a few CU Goodies too!! Happy Scrapping!!!

Just in case you missed it...

Hi all, Well I put up my kit for the final round over at the Sunshine Studios Designer Contest. What a wonderful group of designers!!!! So much talent!!!

The kit I made was inspired by a quilt my niece Kayla made. If I win the contest it will be my first kit sold at Sunshine Studios.... If not if will still go up for sale at my own place. The preview page does not do it justice!!! I always have my sister Julie do my previews for me.... they are not my strong suite... but I pushed myself to the deadline this time and did not have time to send the kit to her to make the preview. So I had to do it myself... :( I think I might have her remake it .
Anyways... here it is....
AND I wanted to let you all know about this... Just in case you missed it. The lovely SassyPixie made this kit for the contest and is now giving it away on her blog. It is super cute!!!! And she has totally tricked out her new blog, you should defiantly go check it out!!

The Previews are linked to her blog..... Here is her Retro Fall kit....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Speed Scrap TONIGHT at GS!!

Don't forget our marvelous Wednesday Night Speed Scrap at Ginger Scraps!

Wednesday Nov. 19

7 p.m. Pacific
8 p.m. Mountain
9 p.m. Central
10p.m. Eastern

Of course there's a fabulous Participation Prize! By my CT girl Rachel (HarmonyStar)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Feature with a Cause!! :)

My Friday Feature this week is a bit different.

My wonderful CT girl Jodi started designing a while ago, I am sure you have all snagged some of her freebies :)

She had a great idea to make a kit and have all the proceeds got to a charity that is near and dear to her heart!!

Please take some time to read the following blog post that I took directly off of Jodi's blog.

And do whatever you can to help!!! :) Ginger

Today's Friday Feature is:
I made a charity kit! It’s called “Toys for Children” and it’s $2 in my store! Charity kit here If you would like to donate more than the $2 for the kit, you can do so by clicking on my donate button here in my blog. Just be sure to let me know that the donation is for the charity kit.

Ok so now for the charity I am donating to! The proceeds will go to buy toys for the children who are recovering from surgery at the Shriners Hospital of Philadelphia. If I get enough by Christmas, it will go for Christmas gifts for them. If I don’t get enough by Christmas time, then when I do get enough I will buy the toys and just hand them out for no reason at all. These kids need a reason to smile.

I went to the Shriners Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts many times growing up, they did several surgeries on me and my brother both. Now my daughter sees a specialist at the Shriners Hospital of Philadelphia because we live so close to that hospital.

I remember after surgeries some people would come around with toys and hand them out to us kids. I got a cute wooden car one year, hand crafted from the guy that gave them out, and another year I got a doll, several years I got stuffed animals. One year when I was 5 I woke up from surgery and there was a stuffed animal on my bed, someone had come around while I was still sleeping off the anastesia and had left it on my bed for me to wake up to. Every time I had a surgery there was someone kind enough to bring toys around. Even when I was 19 and in for my last surgery (19 is the cut off age for the Shriners hospital for children) someone came around and I got to pick out a stuffed animal. I want to be one of those people, giving toys to the kids just out of surgery. Putting a smile on their faces. Some of those people come from all over and can’t afford to take off work long enough to stay with their kids through recovery so those kids are there all alone. It’s so sad, they have no one. All of these children have some kind of a handicap. The Shriners Hospital does their surgeries and yearly check ups free of charge! They even have physical theropy rooms. They have on several occasions given me and my brother utenciles to make our everyday lives easier.

Our last vist to the Shriners Hospital with our daughter, they gave her a coloring book and the time before that they gave her an angel beanie baby. And she wasn’t even there for a surgery, just a regular check up.

So please tell all your friends about this kit so that I get lots of sales and donations for this worthy cause.

Oh I wanted to tell one more story. When I was about 5 years old I had to have a second surgery done on my arm. The recovery room was a big room filled with beds and each bed had a little girl about my age. I remember they would put a sign at the end of our bed on the day we were to have surgery that said “no food” and all of us girls knew that meant that person was up for their surgery. I had a friend there that was my best friend in the hospital. I remember her sign was on her bed before mine. I woke up one morning and looked across at her bed and there was the dreaded sign. I was sad. It was good that she was getting her surgery but he meant that she couldn’t eat all day and it meant recovery time so we couldn’t play together either. When my day came for my sign I was taken into a small room with my mother and we were shown a video. I don’t remember the video but it was basically about my surgery. The person showing the video snuck me an apple. I was very happy for that. We had a play room off to the side and a lunch room all to ourselves. It was like our own little world. These girls were from all over the world. Some of them were teaching me Spanish. When the nurses couldn’t understand the girls who spoke Spanish I would translate for them. One of the little girls was only in a high chair (she was so young), she had been in a fire and her face was badly burned and she only had one hand, the other was just a stub at the wrist. I remember one day in the Cafateria she was in her high chair eating and she had a bag of chips, she picked it up and with the one hand held it while trying to open the bag with her stub. It made me so sad. I pointed her out to my mother (I was lucky enough that my mother was there with me most of the time, this little girl’s mother was not there at this momeny) and my mother helped her open her chips. Even now it makes me cry. All the children at this hospital have similar stories, they all need something. I just want to put a smile on their faces.

Thank you all for reading my blog.

Oh previews of the kit! I almost forgot to show you previews!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Speed Scrap TONIGHT at GS!!

Speed Scrap TONIGHT at GingerScraps!!
We have a speed scrap EVERY Wednesday night!!

So mark Wednesday nights on your calendar and come do a speed Scrap with us!!!!

My CT girls always have GREAT participation prizes!!!!! Check out the awesome papers Jodi made for you if you come join us tonight...... They go with my Kiwi and Strawberries kit :) Preview below......

Hope to see you there :)

Here is the info-

Speed Scrap tonight at Ginger Scraps! Go to the forum, challenges then the speed scrap that says 11-12


7 p.m. Pacific
8 p.m. Mountain
9 p.m. Central

10 p.m. Eastern

Here is the participation prize!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Freebie Red Hot Mama

Well I made it to round 3 in the Sunshine Studios Designer contest!!! This was the most challenging for me so far. The challenge was to use at least 5 CU items that were donated by the Sunshine Designers. And our kit had to be all one color... I chose to do red.. one of my favorite colors. And Red Hot Mama was born :)
Click on the preview to be taken to Sunshine Studios and Download :)
Red Hot Mama-
This kit is for all you Hot Mama's out there!!
It includes:
  • 1 Full Glitter Alpha
  • 8 Rich, Textured Papers
  • 2 Funky Winged Hearts
  • Metal Journaling Box embellished with Feathers
  • Feather Boa, Feather Border
  • Hanging Tag
  • Hot Lady Silhouettes
  • Cocktail Glass, Apple, High Heal Shoe, Lot of Lips
  • And More Fun, Funky, And Hot Embellishments!!

Wild Cherry Tea and Whoville in my store NOW!!

Wild Cherry Tea and Whoville are in my store NOW!! I know some of you are having problems with getting these two kits... I am not sure why.
So I put them both in my store. They are free for a short time so hurry and get them now :) There is a tab up by my header to be taken to my store.
And some time today I will be posting my Round 3 kit for the Sunshine Designer Contest. So make sure you come back and check it out :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GingerScraps Newsletter

This is a copy of the November Challenge Newsletter... If you are a newsletter subscriber then you should have a copy in your inbox now :) If you are not go create an account at the GingerScraps Store and check the box to receive the newsletter. If you already have an account but did not get the newsletter then go check to make sure you selected to subscribe. Make sure you select to get the HTML version, if you want to see any of the images. The text only version will not have any images. If you are having trouble then leave me a comment with the first and last name that you registered in the store with and I will be happy to change your account preferences so you can receive the newsletter :) There are treats for subscribers only in the newsletters :)

But here is a copy of the November Challenge Newsletter... minus the treat :) ........

This is the first issue of the GingerScraps Newsletter! Hope you enjoy!! :)

Let's talk challenges:

We had many great LO in out October Challenges!! I wanted to share with you the winning LO's

Color Challenge: Winner Memories101

It's Technique Time: Winner Missi

Word Lovers: Winner NutsAboutGabe

Pop-Culture: Winner Missi

Edit My Pic Challenge: Winner I.bicks (Laura)

The November Challenges are up and running at the GingerScraps Forum

This month we have:

    Color Challenge- Thanksgiving Colors- Great Prize!! :) check forum for details- Here is the color pallet-
    It's Technique Time- Template made by Julie
    Pop-Culture- Cinema-tastic- Participation Prize
    Photo Editing Challenge- Everyday Photos with Rachel: Rachel blows me away with her amazing tutorials!!! If you want to learn how to make you picture pop, come check out the Photo Editing Challenge!!!
    Edit my pic- Laura won for Oct. Edit my Pic contest... so now we get to play with this darling picture of her daughter.
    Word Lovers- this month it is all about a Party! Check out this cute word art participation prize!!post_929767_1225255894_med
    And we have the Do 'Em All Challenge too: If you do all the challenges you will get a 25% off coupon to the GingerScraps Store!!!
    Wait... Don't forget about the Speed Scraps!!!

Mark it on your calendar!!! EVERY Wednesday night we will have a Speed Scrap!!!! My CT girls have some GREAT participation prizes for you all!!!!
And it is so much fun!!
I hope to see you there!!!
Wednesday- Nov. 5 Hosted By Rachel
Wednesday- Nov. 12 Hosted By Jodi
Wednesday- Nov. 19 Hosted By Rachel
Wednesday- Nov. 26 Hosted By Jodi
7 p.m. Pacific
8 p.m. Mountain
9 p.m. Central
10 p.m. Eastern

So come on over to GingerScraps and do some challenges!! Get some prizes and have some fun!!

If your LO is a winner it will be in the newsletter and your LO will be displayed in the EyeCandy Gallery!!!

And here is your Treat for the month... oh wait you have to be a newsletter subscriber to get the treat....... Sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss any newsletter subscriber treats!!

Happy Scrapping!!!! Ginger


*Some freebies only last for 1 day... and depending on your time zone by the time you get here you might only have a short time to download. If you like something get it ASAP! You just never know some freebies last a long time and some expire very quickly. If you get to a page and the freebie is not there most likely it has expired.*