Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Feature with a Cause!! :)

My Friday Feature this week is a bit different.

My wonderful CT girl Jodi started designing a while ago, I am sure you have all snagged some of her freebies :)

She had a great idea to make a kit and have all the proceeds got to a charity that is near and dear to her heart!!

Please take some time to read the following blog post that I took directly off of Jodi's blog.

And do whatever you can to help!!! :) Ginger

Today's Friday Feature is:
I made a charity kit! It’s called “Toys for Children” and it’s $2 in my store! Charity kit here If you would like to donate more than the $2 for the kit, you can do so by clicking on my donate button here in my blog. Just be sure to let me know that the donation is for the charity kit.

Ok so now for the charity I am donating to! The proceeds will go to buy toys for the children who are recovering from surgery at the Shriners Hospital of Philadelphia. If I get enough by Christmas, it will go for Christmas gifts for them. If I don’t get enough by Christmas time, then when I do get enough I will buy the toys and just hand them out for no reason at all. These kids need a reason to smile.

I went to the Shriners Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts many times growing up, they did several surgeries on me and my brother both. Now my daughter sees a specialist at the Shriners Hospital of Philadelphia because we live so close to that hospital.

I remember after surgeries some people would come around with toys and hand them out to us kids. I got a cute wooden car one year, hand crafted from the guy that gave them out, and another year I got a doll, several years I got stuffed animals. One year when I was 5 I woke up from surgery and there was a stuffed animal on my bed, someone had come around while I was still sleeping off the anastesia and had left it on my bed for me to wake up to. Every time I had a surgery there was someone kind enough to bring toys around. Even when I was 19 and in for my last surgery (19 is the cut off age for the Shriners hospital for children) someone came around and I got to pick out a stuffed animal. I want to be one of those people, giving toys to the kids just out of surgery. Putting a smile on their faces. Some of those people come from all over and can’t afford to take off work long enough to stay with their kids through recovery so those kids are there all alone. It’s so sad, they have no one. All of these children have some kind of a handicap. The Shriners Hospital does their surgeries and yearly check ups free of charge! They even have physical theropy rooms. They have on several occasions given me and my brother utenciles to make our everyday lives easier.

Our last vist to the Shriners Hospital with our daughter, they gave her a coloring book and the time before that they gave her an angel beanie baby. And she wasn’t even there for a surgery, just a regular check up.

So please tell all your friends about this kit so that I get lots of sales and donations for this worthy cause.

Oh I wanted to tell one more story. When I was about 5 years old I had to have a second surgery done on my arm. The recovery room was a big room filled with beds and each bed had a little girl about my age. I remember they would put a sign at the end of our bed on the day we were to have surgery that said “no food” and all of us girls knew that meant that person was up for their surgery. I had a friend there that was my best friend in the hospital. I remember her sign was on her bed before mine. I woke up one morning and looked across at her bed and there was the dreaded sign. I was sad. It was good that she was getting her surgery but he meant that she couldn’t eat all day and it meant recovery time so we couldn’t play together either. When my day came for my sign I was taken into a small room with my mother and we were shown a video. I don’t remember the video but it was basically about my surgery. The person showing the video snuck me an apple. I was very happy for that. We had a play room off to the side and a lunch room all to ourselves. It was like our own little world. These girls were from all over the world. Some of them were teaching me Spanish. When the nurses couldn’t understand the girls who spoke Spanish I would translate for them. One of the little girls was only in a high chair (she was so young), she had been in a fire and her face was badly burned and she only had one hand, the other was just a stub at the wrist. I remember one day in the Cafateria she was in her high chair eating and she had a bag of chips, she picked it up and with the one hand held it while trying to open the bag with her stub. It made me so sad. I pointed her out to my mother (I was lucky enough that my mother was there with me most of the time, this little girl’s mother was not there at this momeny) and my mother helped her open her chips. Even now it makes me cry. All the children at this hospital have similar stories, they all need something. I just want to put a smile on their faces.

Thank you all for reading my blog.

Oh previews of the kit! I almost forgot to show you previews!

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Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

Awesome stuff!!! How neat is this! Good for you!!! Wonderful for you to donate your talent for a worthy cause. Very cute kit, too!

Always loved your blog... very well-done!


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