Monday, June 23, 2008

How to install Layer Styles into PSE6

Hello Photoshop lovers:) Have you all tried to install any Actions yet??? If you missed my tutorial on installing actions in PSE6 go check it out. There is a section in the left side column titled “Links to helpful hints”; there you will find the tutorials I have written.

Today I am going to explain how to install Layer Styles into PSE6. I hope someone finds it useful, if you have any questions or I have made something unclear let me know and I will help you if I can. So here goes….

Installing Layer Styles or Fx’s

  • The first this you need to do is make sure all your folders are visible. To do this go to Start, My Computer, Local Disk (C), Documents and Settings, All Users.
    In the All Users folder go up to tools on the top bar, at the bottom of the drop down list is Folder Options- open that, Select the View tab- Look down and find "Hidden files and folders" select the bubble to "Show hidden files and folders"
    Select Apply- Now your Application Data and other folders will not be hidden.
  • Make sure Photoshop is closed
  • Download Style or Fx- (read my tutorial on Organizing your scrapbooking supplies)
  • Download, extract, and put into your "Extras" folder. (What is an “Extras” folder? Read my tutorial on organizing scrapbooking supplies.)
  • *The reason I put all my "extras" (brushes, actions, layer styles, ect.) into their own folder is, just in case something happens to my photoshop. If I ever have to uninstall it I will still have a copy of all my "extras" stored and saved in a folder. I can easily find them and reinstall them. *

Now that you have what you need downloaded, and in the "extras" folder with all your scrapbooking supplies, we are ready to install into PSE6.
This is a view of the path you
need to take to get to the Layer Style- Fx’s folder in PSE6

This is a screen shot zoomed in on the folder list- so you can see the path to the proper folder-

  • Have your “Extras” folder open and your Fx’s folder open.
  • In you “Extras folder” highlight the Fx’s or Layer Styles (hold down Ctrl key to select multiple items).
  • Once highlighted right click and select copy.
  • Select the Layer Style’s folder and go to Edit, Paste
  • This should paste a copy of the Layer Styles or Fx’s into the Layer Styles folder.
That is it your new Layer Style is now in PSE6.

The last step is to rename your Media Data Base file. I have read other tutorials where they tell you to delete this file altogether. I did that once and it messed up my Photoshop, I had to uninstall the whole program and reinstall it… it was a big pain!! So now I always just rename it. Here is a screen shot of that folder

Here is a screen shot of the folder path zoomed in

Here is a screen shot of the file to rename zoomed in-

As you can see I just rename the MediaDataBase file by typing "old" and the date on the end. Once I have reopened PSE6 and have it has successfully rebuilt the MediaDataBase I will go back and delete the "old" file.
That is it, you are now ready to play with your new Layer Style!! Have fun!! Ginger

*Look in the
section in the left side column titled “Links to helpful hints”, there you will find some links to a variety of Layer Styles and Actions that are of course FREEBIES for you to play with, I will update the list as I find new ones. So check back once in a while for new additions.*

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annemikaeli said...

Thank you so much Ginger this is just great. Your tuts are very easy to understand and very useful.


*Some freebies only last for 1 day... and depending on your time zone by the time you get here you might only have a short time to download. If you like something get it ASAP! You just never know some freebies last a long time and some expire very quickly. If you get to a page and the freebie is not there most likely it has expired.*