Thursday, March 5, 2009

FREE!! Beach Glass Re-visited!!

Beach Glass- REVISITED!
Beach Glass was the first kit I ever made. I love the colors and the theme, but boy did it need an overhaul :) So I gave all the papers more texture, and edited almost all of the elements. I hope you love it even more than the first time! :) Here is the new preview :)
This kit was inspired by the beautiful colors of beach glass. All papers are 12 by 12 and everything is 300dpi.
This full kit (Kit + Add-On) includes-
  • * 14 papers
  • * 10 bracket frames
  • * 1 pre-made border
  • * 6 frames
  • * 2 ribbons
  • * 2 bows
  • * 5 glass tiles
  • * 4 eyelets
  • * 3 glitter swirls
  • * 12 pieces of hand made lampwork glass jewelry embellishments


Confessions of a Modern June said...

You know whats funny? This was the first kit I ever downloaded! Im glad to see it again! I posted it on my blog. Thanks again

catlady aka catslave said...

Thank you so much, Ginger. I have the original kit and love it, so this one must be a real knockout!

Stormie said...

Like the other ladies who commented, I have the orginal verison of this kit & I LOVE it! I cannot imagine what you did to improve on it & am anxious to see to the changes.

Misty said...

This kit is so stunning. I love your LOs Ginger :)

mnmom said...

Thanks for the beautiful kit. If you want to see my layout you can check it out on my blog.


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