Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Blog Challenge! Go Retro!!

So shall we have our first blog challenge??

Thank you to Susie for the idea......

Lets go back..... way back. And make a Like Totally Awesome LO!!!
I wanna see some big hair and stone washed pegged jeans.

Scrap a retro 80's LO. Vintage pics of you or if maybe you are not as old as me...... find some fun ones that will work for a 80's LO.

Must include-
  • The words- Awesome, Rad, and Totally (all 3 of them)
  • Hot pink (somewhere even if it is just a touch)
  • At least one safety pin
  • A flair/ button
You can use any scrapping goodies you would like. I happen to have a Like Totally Awesome 80's kit.. but it is not required that you use it.

Please post your LO in the GingerScraps Gallery- then reply here on this blog with a comment including your link to your 80's LO.

You have one week - so until Friday May 21st to get your LO's done and posted.
What are you playing for????
Well ALL of you will get a new set of really cute doodle frames that are not even released yet! You will get them first!
And I will also pick one winner - they will get the doodle frames and a $5.00 coupon to my store :)

Here is a fun 8-'s LO I did. This is not for the challenge- I did it a while ago.... So dont consider it an example- as it doesnt follow the rules- I just thought you might get a kick out of it ;)

Good luck :) get busy! Cant wait to see those LO's!!


Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

YEE HAW! Count me in! lol like, totally rad, dude!

Julie said...

Sounds like totally fun!

GingerScraps said...

Cant wait to see em!! :)

GingerScraps said...

well... that didnt go over to well did it! LOL

I guess maybe we will extend this a week and see if anyone bites :)

Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

ooops, I dropped the ball on this one... sorry Ginger


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