Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Speed Scrap!!

Yaaa hooo!! It s time for a Speed Scrap!! And check out this super cute PP Stephanie made for you, you get it just for joining in on the fun!!


4forlynne said...

hi ginger, starting with feb 8th post, i have not been able to see any of the images posted. i can see 1/26 and prior, but not anythign newer. i updated all the usual settings on my computer to add your site as trusted site, but no luck. is anyone else having this problem? sorry to bother you if it's only me. (i couldn't find an email address for you) that said, i love your chocolate kisses kit so much i'm going to participate in my first ever set of challenges to earn it! love your designs - thanks.

Debi said...

I've given you an award on my blog spot! (I too am having trouble seeing your pictures).


*Some freebies only last for 1 day... and depending on your time zone by the time you get here you might only have a short time to download. If you like something get it ASAP! You just never know some freebies last a long time and some expire very quickly. If you get to a page and the freebie is not there most likely it has expired.*