Sunday, September 20, 2009

Under Construction!!

Hi all.. so the day has finally come!!
GingerScraps is under construction.
When we come back we will have a shiny new server! And we will be switching over to X-Cart!!

So just bear with us :) Hopefully it wont take too long.

If you are trying to complete the Monster Challenge - dont worry- I will figure out a way to let you still complete it if you want to .

When we come back be ready for a PARTY!!!
GingerScraps Birthday party!!!! Yahooooo :)

I will keep posting updates on the blog :) So come here for all the news.


Laura said...

WOOT!!! Can't wait!

Julie said...

Yea! Let's hope all goes smooth for your switchover! We will be ready when you are!

mscstephens said...

Good to know! I went to post a new layout and was confused - thought it must be my computer. I can't wait to see the new look!

.:Bree:. said...

hope it's quick and painless! No wonder I couldn't find anything today! :)

Lisa said...

Yay, I can't wait!!

Colleen said...

I was starting to worry it was just me who couldn't get on LOL

I'm excited to see the new look!

Lhoelit Rizal said...

hi! im on the process of uploading the kit that i ordered... :( i hope you could help me out..


GingerScraps said...

Lhoelit Rizal- I replied to you by e-mail :) so check your in box :)

GingerScraps said...

Thanks all!!! It will all look the same.. except for the blog..... But it will all work MUCH better!! :)

Trina said...

Hey - even if it looks the same - we're all excited!! I bet thats a big move! :) My computer has been acting up a lot lately - so I just figured it was my computer too! LOL - little did I know it was the BIG MOVE! (till Jodi emailed me :D) Can't wait for the big celebration!! WHOO HOO!

Lizzerd said...

It's been two weeks now ... how long does a server-change take?!

GingerScraps said...

We are close! I miss you all!!


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