Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scrapping Survivor!

And if you are a store owner or designer check this out-
We have a new and exciting event starting at GS on July 19th!!
We plan on it being an annual event.

Scrapping Survivor!!
This will run very much like the reality TV show Survivor- Weekly challenges- immunity challenges- weekly vote offs.
We are looking for sponsors to donate goodies to Survivor-
There will be one BIG prize and other small prizes.
If you would like to be a sponsor of scrapping survivor you will in turn receive advertisement at the GingerScraps Scrapping Survivor blog and forum.
I will place your blinkie under the sponsors section on the GS survivor blog. And we will have a section in the gingerscraps forum where all sponsors are listed.
Link to Survivor blog - *note* the blog is still under construction
Other incentives-
If you donate over $15 worth of goodies-
You will be featured on the survivor blog and in the GingerScraps Forum - as a feature of the day- You can show case your favorite kit- some CT LO's. with links to wherever you sell.
This is a great advertisement opportunity- for very little money :)
And your blinkie displayed in a special * High Roller Sponsors" section on the blog.
Deadline for sponsor sign ups- July 12th

Survivor starts July 19th

Contact Ginger at e-mail me with

* your name-
* your blinkie-
* your blog link-
* The prize you are giving- in the forum of a 100% off coupon for whatever item or items you are giving- If you want to make a cute coupon then attach it to the e-mail.

If you are a "High Roller" sponsor please send-

* all of the above and
* preview of a kit you would like showcased
* 3-5 CT LO's
* links to all stores

Thank you all - this is gonna be very fun!!!
Hope to hear from you soon :) Ginger

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