Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Kit!!

Happy New Year!!!
I can not believe it is already 2009. Kick it off with some bling! This New Years kit is packed full of glitter, sparkle, and fun. PU only.
Only $4.00!!
New Year includes:

* 1 full Alpha
* 12- Textured Papers (12 by 12, 300 dpi)
* 4- Embellished Bracket Matts or Journaling boxes
* 4- Bling Binder Clips
* 2- Champagne Bottles (one in ice bucket)
* 1- Champagne Glass (including a bit of bubbly)
* 4- Confetti Glitter Explosions
* 1- Cork
* 1- Diamond Stud
* 3- Party Hats
* 6- Noise Makers
* 6- Swirls- Glitter, Newsprint, and more Bling!
* 4- Tags- Embellished with Newsprint and more bling
* 3- Torn and Curled Borders

Click HERE to buy New Year Close up of the Party Hats-

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