Thursday, December 4, 2008

CT Call!!!!!

I am having my first CT call!! Don't be shy!! If this sounds like fun apply!! :)Untitled-1.jpg picture by gingerlooper
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beckag99 said...

I love your new blog decorations!

jra923 said...

Would you consider someone with no CT background yet? I would like to apply, but I haven't been into a CT yet.. But its ok if you would rather prefer someone with experience..

God bless!


jra923 said...

Oh,yeah, I didn't clarify enough my previous comment. I have made it as one of the CT for DigiDesign Resort, but I haven't started yet, so I really have not experienced it being a CT, yet..

Sorry, if I was not clear.


Lynn said...

good luck with your call! I looked at your designs, and they are fabulous! I wish I had more time and couple apply :( I hope you get lots of great applicants!


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