Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday Feature...For Kids!

For today's Friday Feature I am going to something I have never done before! I'm featuring a site you can enjoy with your children. It's a new site called "The Hybrid Kid". If you like to do fun little projects with your kids...this is the site for you. She is just getting started, but I think she has lots of great ideas in store!

Here's a little post from Mel, describing her site...

We scrap pictures of our children to remember these precious days.  Why not let them be in on it?  Why not let them create art right along side of us?  Those are the things to scrap and treasure!  This blog will be dedicated to using digital art in the everyday things we do.  I hope to pair teachers and digital designers to create printable activities that serve three purposes...educational value, together time, and to look pretty (that's why we scrap, right?)!

I have a lot of different, wife, taxi driver, boo-boo fixer...the usual stuff.  I'm also a 'retired' elementary school teacher, a current preschool teacher, and a digital scrapbook designer.  I have been using my computer 'skills' in the classroom for as long as I can remember.  I use my digital scrap goodies now to make everything from notes to my kids' teachers to my preschool newsletter.  I'm sure a lot of other mom would use them, too, if they were easily available.

Please check back in the coming days and weeks for exciting opportunities to share your time and your artistry with your child!

Here are a few of the projects on The Hybrid Kid...

My sister just found "The Hybrid Kid" and she made one of these projects with her kids....You can read about her fun craft day on her blog.

kids wreaths

So, you should really go visit "The Hybrid Kid" I think you will enjoy it...and she is doing a special Freebie this Friday that all the GingerScraps readers will enjoy!!

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Mel said...

Thanks for the love! I love your blog, too! *hugs* Mel


*Some freebies only last for 1 day... and depending on your time zone by the time you get here you might only have a short time to download. If you like something get it ASAP! You just never know some freebies last a long time and some expire very quickly. If you get to a page and the freebie is not there most likely it has expired.*