Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Templates!

Hi all, Sorry I have been MIA.  I had some complications related to the Blood Clotting Disorder (APS) I have.  I ended up in the hospital.....

I am home but still moving very slowly!!  It will take me some time to get all caught up.

What happened was broke the capillaries in my lungs and started to spit up blood.  It basically came up every time I exhaled. So Julie (my sister) took me to the ER- My blood was way too thin (it is a hard thing to keep it at the right level and always needs adjusting with my RX's).  So they needed to keep me to get my blood in the right range and see if my blood counts would go up.  Had to have it all checked lots!!!  The DR. told me if I was much older that I would have had to have a blood transfusion, and if my #'s didn't go up over the next few days I would need to come back into the hospital for a transfusion. 

Thank God my #'s are continuing to move in the right direction!! But I have to keep a very close eye on it for a while- which means lots of trips to the lab and lots of blood work.

So right now, I am still bleeding, but it is getting less day by day. It is really gross!!

I am not allowed to yell, cough, cry, exercise... anything that will strain my lungs, until the bleeding stops.  And I am VERY week, dizzy and tired!!

But I did find these 2 REALLY CUTE templates and I wanted to share them with you  :)  AND I have a new kit finished! So be on the look out for that- it will be 50% off for the first week, which means you can get this full kit for only $2.00!!!  I will post about it when I put it in the store this week.

Here are the templates - you do have to register to be able to download but it is worth it!! Little Dreamer always has GREAT stuff!!


Check out this cute LO Julie did using the first template:


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi sweetheart! Ginger love, I have been thinking about you for days. I've not felt well and then some technical issues the past few days and was hoping to get over here to see how you were doing ASAP!

I saw your NEW post on my blog roll and clicked right over. I am SO sorry to hear of your "bleeding", glad your numbers are doing well and I shall be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers darlin'.

You take it easy! We are ALL looking forward to your new kit, but I am sure that ALL will agree in you needing to focus on YOU! Okay, so you know this already! I am just being a "mama" I suppose, but I do REALLY care about you ya know!

I will try to get over to your store sometime this week.

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday - sending you LOTS of LOVIN' and BIG, BIG HUGS girlie!!!

Linda :)

sandymom said...

Oh Ginger, I'm so sorry to hear you were so sick, and I'm glad you are on the mend..Bobbysgirlforever is right,we are looking forward to your new stuff, but you can't create new kits if you don't take care of yourself first.
Get Better

No Reimer Reason said...

Wow, what a scary thing that must have been. I am glad your numbers are moving in the right direction. I hope you continue to feel better!!

Amy said...

Holy Cow Ginger! I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend. How scarey it must have all been. Take good care of yourself, and I hope to hear that you are back to normal again soon.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, I was so sorry to hear about your illness and wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers. Hopefully you will be feeling right as rain very soon and back to creating your wonderful designs. But for now, take it easy and be patient.

Lil B

Heidi said...

Hi Ginger...STUPID APS!!! grrrr!!!

Scary stuff, glad you're doing better. Take it easy and follow doctors' orders so you can get better...well, as better as you can, you know.

If you need some APS support you know where to find me.


Stash Empress said...

I've been checking your blog a few times a day & really worried & when it hadn't been updated in so long! So sorry to hear you've been doing poorly & hope you mend really quick!

vw bug said...

Wow and you are already putting out templates! Thank you and please take care of yourself. Not sure about others, but I'll keep checking back... I'd rather you take it easy and get well or is that stable? Take care!

Joni said...

Best wishes for a speedy and thorough recovery!

Heartfelt Perfections said...

I will be praying for you ginger...try to rest as much as you can....I hope you will be back up to par real sooon

Heartfelt Perfections

Julie said...

What nice comments you all have for my sis! What great "Fans" she has! I know you are lifting her spirits with all these well wishes.

kelly said...

I'm so sorry! I know that can be a real pain. Do they have you on Coumadin? That one is such a tough one to regulate and so dangerous. Take care of yourself!

Chris said...

So sorry to hear that you are having health problems! Take care of yourself - and don't worry about us freebie seekers. You are much more important to us than the freebies are!

Amie said...

Ginger!!! Tell your body it simply is NOT allowed to DO that!! How scary! I've been wondering where you've been~ but am glad you're well enough to be at home (hopefully). DO get better and don't worry about all of us~ Wishing you well! ("get well Ginger, get well Ginger, get well....")

Anonymous said...

Please, please take care of yourself. You mean so much to us. Your health comes first always! I'll be praying for you (and the rest of scrapdom) Bonnie


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