Sunday, August 24, 2008

Computer ??

Hi friends, I am so glad you are all liking the word art!! So many fun comments making me smile!!
I have a quick question for all of you....
I am desperately in need of a new computer!! My computer is about 10 years old... it was awesome when we first got it but now it is driving me CRAZY!!! It is so slow!!!!! Running actions in photoshop- I apply it and then go load the dishwasher, LOL
I am looking for a FAST computer that can fly through running photoshop. If any of you can offer me advice I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks so much, Ginger


Shell said...

try they have awesome deals & ship super fast.

Cherrie said...

Two great laptop are:
Lenov T61

Dell D630


merr said...

I suggest an iMac or some Apple computer. I'm on my second one and it is fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased.

Elaine said...

I strongly suggest you get an Apple...either an iMac or a MacBook. Seriously. I have played with computers since the 80's, and have both Macs and Windoze, and the Macs are just so superior for graphics, and they come with so much software built in. I was lucky and hubby sprung for the 24" iMac for me... I did add extra RAM, but all that screen real estate AND it flies! I had a 17" Powerbook, but when you are on a computer as much as I am, you get neck cramps using a notebook! And... Adobe will let you switch platforms, ONCE, so you don't have to buy Photoshop again. Or, you can install Parallel and run Windows on your Mac. UGH. I didn't do that.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you buy, be sure to get the fastest processor and as much RAM as you can afford. Also, invest in a really good graphics card.

Julie (It is.) said...

I love my Dell - as mentioned by others, get the fastest processor and the most RAM you can afford (and a good video card).

I will admit that I am a big Vista Chicken, and that's why I went to Dell - you can still get XP systems ;)

Amie said...

I agree with elaine. Apple/Macs are the way to go. Most especially when dealing with graphics. My husband has an iMac, and I have a 17" Powerbook (work provided), and LOVE them~ so much better than PC's/Windows. So that's what I strongly suggest. Although it does take about a week to get used to the differences...but it's well worth it. Try it. You'll like it. But give it at least a week of use every day. (And yes, I have neckcramps. Wich I had an iMac too, but alas, we've still not managed to grow that money tree in the backyard.)

Anonymous said...

I also have a Dell which I love. I went with Vista though. It is very much like XP but with different terminology. I agree with everyone also about getting the fasted with the most storage. This is my 2nd Dell by the way. My old one just didn't have enough memory for Photoshop.


Workhorse.Writer said...

Honestly, we built our PC! We bought the tower and put everything in ourselves. It's not for the faint of heart, but it is awesome! :-) and cheaper than buying a complete one. Plus, we can just keep adding to it when we need to. We also have a Compaq laptop, which is great, but we had to buy a lot of extra memory.

Chris said...

Get a mac if you really don't want further problems. Wish I could afford one too!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi sweetie!!! Member me??? LOL! Well, back from the wedding and trying to recuperate, catch up and move forward!

I have a DELL, which I LOVE as well and I'm with everyone else. IF you can afford a MAC, go for it; otherwise, a DELL with their FABULOUS dual core processor, 3-4 GB's of RAM (I have two which is my max for this system that is 3-1/2 years old now) and another two would have me bookin' ... OH, I mean designing more!

Also agree with a GOOD video card!

I prefer a desktop PC, while the laptop comes in handy for traveling, but don't do that often and am just happy that Robert has an AWESOME Dell Inspiron from work.

OH - and at this point, I wouldn't settle for less than a 20-22 inch monitor! I am SO wanting a 22-inch and I keep getting e-mails from DELL with all of these FABULOUS buys and sometimes the 22-inch is a FREE upgrade!

I always search out the HIGHEST rated, do LOTS of research and read LOTS of reviews from HAPPY and UNHAPPY customers!!!

Wishing you THE BEST in your purchase and THANK YOU for all of the FABULOUS FINDS!!! I came by much earlier and got TOTALLY sidetracked looking after one of them!

Linda :)


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